May be an image of one or more people and text that says 'I received excellent care trom a pleasant. trustwerthy therapist and staff JUDY H.'#TestimonialTuesday

Judy H. had never needed physical therapy, so she had no idea what to expect. When she came to PRO PT, she enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and professionalism of the staff, and said overall it was a very positive experience. Because of therapy, she had positive results and was given informational exercises that she can use daily to stay healthy and avoid future incidents. Judy added that "Madison and Mallory are awesome!".

Thank you Judy for taking time to tell us about your experience!



May be an image of text that says 'Thanks everyone who helped me and kept me going through chemo. This should help me going to the finish. BRYAN M.'#TestimonialTuesday
Bryan M. was concerned about getting started with therapy and getting through it before he came to PRO PT. He had heard about other people coming to PRO PT, and decided to come here himself. Our friendly and nice staff answered all his questions, and he said he enjoyed them talking to him while he was doing his exercises. Since completing his therapy, Bryan said he is able to move better and is able to do more. He would like to thank everyone at PRO PT for helping him, making him move better, and keep him going while getting chemo. "I have 6 more rounds to go, this should help me going to the finish".

Thank you Bryan! We enjoyed working with you and good luck finishing up chemo!




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Description automatically generatedWhen Peggy C. started therapy, she was concerned she felt too bad and that therapy wouldn't help. She said that the atmosphere of the clinic, such as the kindness and joking made therapy pleasurable even though she had pain. This was Peggy's third time to PRO PT in five years and has had wonderful results each time. When asked about her therapy results, she said that she can now do things without pain that she hasn't done in a long time. Peggy said that Meg, Josh, Mallory and Deena are all wonderful and said her life is improved because of therapy. Thank you Peggy! We appreciate your kind words and are so glad we are able to help.




May be an image of flower and text that says 'Having completed therapy in 8 weeks atter an ACL reconstruction and a partial meniscus repair, I am overjoyed with the new activity level ao achieved. THANK YOU so MUCH! MELISSA B.'#TestimonialTuesday

Melissa B. saw our clinic as she was passing by and scheduled therapy after her knee surgery. She was concerned that therapy would be painful and have slow progression. Melissa enjoyed the very friendly and encouraging atmosphere, and said our staff was very informative when questions were asked. She enjoyed seeing the progression she made each week. When asked how her life has changed since starting therapy, Melissa had this to say: "I am so grateful for the encouragement and instruction given by such professional staff. I tore my ACL in 2015 and chose not to repair at that time. In October of 2020, I tore my meniscus prompting surgical repair. I dreaded the long recovery period. Having complete therapy in 8 weeks after ACL reconstruction and partial meniscus repair, I am overjoyed with the new activity level I have achieved. I can finally get back in the game with my girls!"

Melissa said she would "absolutely" recommend PRO PT to anyone because of how knowledgeable, professional, and helpful the staff was in the recovery period. She is so thankful to have had such a wonderful supportive team to help her get through this.

Thank you so much Melissa, we really enjoyed helping you recover!




Today we have a video from Justin E.! Thank you Justin for taking the time to tell us about your experience!

Pro PT (@proptwv) March 19, 2021

May be an image of text that says 'I'm looking forwardto to doing things I couldn't before. I can't wait to get back in the woods hiking when the snow melts. DAVID S.'#TestimonialTuesday

David S. found us on the internet and has been a previous patient. Recently, David has had pain in his shoulder and could barely move, and was concerned it would never come back to normal. He came back due to our fantastic and fun to work with staff. David also appreciates the flexibility that we have with scheduling. Now, David can do things he couldn't before, and says that "They help you get better and give you the tools to work on getting better on your own". David wants to give everyone on the staff a big thank you to playing a part in his recovery! We thank you as well for your kind words!



May be an image of one or more people and text that says '" I LIKED THE ONE ON ONE ATTENTION AND GUIDANCE BRITTANY M. M'#TestimonialTuesday This week is Brittany M.! Brittany was driving by our new clinic in Bruceton and set up an appointment. She wasn't sure what to expect at first, and was worried she might hurt too much after the exercises (a common fear!). Once she started, she enjoyed the one on one attention and guidance she received. Brittany can now do "all kinds of things I had difficulty doing before-opening jars, cooking, shoveling snow". Brittany also said the level of care she received was "excellent". Thank you so much for your kind words Brittany!


May be an image of text that says '"PRO PT is never getting rid of me" Kerry G'This #TestimonialTuesday, we have a story from Kerry G.! She was experiencing severe headaches for over 5 years, which have affected every aspect of her life. Kerry was worried that therapy would be a waste of time, but after 1 month, she has not had a headache in weeks and feels amazing! She attributes this to the staff here at PRO PT, and says the therapists really wanted to get to the root of the issue and solve the problem. Kerry recommends attending PRO PT "Because the chance of a successful recovery, or "improving what's wrong with you", is overwhelmingly high."

Thank you for sharing your story with us Kerry, and we hope to see some new faces in our clinics to hear more!




May be an image of text that says '"Physical Therapy has given me back the use of my arm" RICHARD S.'Richard S. came to PRO PT after searching for physical therapy clinics through his insurance company. He was concerned at first with sticking with therapy until the end. He ended up enjoying our friendly staff, the causal atmosphere, and the effective treatment he received. Richard said if he ever needs physical therapy again, PRO PT would be his first choice!



May be an image of one or more people and text that says 'THE STAFF AT PRO PT IS friendly courteous AND respectful DORIS C.'This #TestimonialTuesday is brought to you by Doris C.! Doris has been coming to the Masontown clinic after having shoulder surgery, and was worried at first about physical therapy being painful. She said that the staff has been awesome and physical therapy has helped her regain the use of her shoulder, and has even recommended PRO PT to some of her friends! She says her rehab has been amazing.

A common theme in our testimonials is the compliments to our staff. We can't thank our wonderful team enough for ensuring all our patients have great experiences in therapy!